Co-creator FAQs

Q: Why should I join? Don’t I get all the same stuff for free?
A: Everyone is welcome to all of our regular events, as has always been the case! We are ideologically committed to not charging people to participate in celebration of Shabbat and holidays. We believe, however, that authentic “thick” community requires commitment. In return for that commitment, you get a voice in shaping the community, receive a measure of care that naturally sprouts from that commitment, and ultimately the antidote for so much of what ails our rugged individualist culture.

Q: I’m worried that I can’t commit enough time. What is the requirement?
A: Only you know what you can do—and you alone will be holding you accountable—so we encourage you to make a commitment that’s authentic. Everyone’s commitment will differ, though we will say that it’s hard to feel part of a community if you don’t show up at least monthly.

Q: I want to join, but just want to show up for High Holidays. Can I do that?
A: If the time and talent commitments are too much for you to take on (we get it: life is busy!), the co-creator model may not be for you. You are welcome to come to any of our regular events and donate as frequently as you like!

Q: You say that co-creators can help shape core values. Don’t you already have values?
A: Yes! If you’ve been to more than a couple of Kabbalat Shabbat services, you know that we hold some values very clearly, among them: feminism, antiracism, queer- and trans-positivity, and the fundamental belief that the earth and all its beings benefit from genuine spiritual inquiry and exploration by human beings. And that the bottom line for all of this is love.

Q: What is a “leadership circle?”
A: Great question. Asiyah is beginning to implement sociocracy, a flexible system of governance marked by low heirarchy and high transparency. One of its principles is an organizational structre of interlocking circles with distinct domains. Think of a leadership circle roughly as a committee.

Q: I want to give a yearly lump sum, instead of the monthly subscription. Can I do that?
A: The online system is set up for monthly recurring contributions. If you would rather make a yearly co-creation contribution by check, you can send it to:

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
c/o Asiyah
P.O. Box 35118
Philadelphia, PA 19128
(please write “Asiyah” in the memo line)

Q: I’ve looked over the contribution page, and I’m still confused. How much should I give?
A: We’ve given many different ways to think about your monthly contribution, but ultimately, we can only ask that you make it both meaningful (it should bite) but manageable (it shouldn’t hurt).

Q: My financial situation is such that $10/mount is too much right now. Can I still become a co-creator?
A: Yes. Belonging is not contingent on wealth. Please be in touch with us, as the form currently doesn’t allow a selection of less than $10.

Q: Can I change the amount of my financial subscription?
A: Yes, anytime. When you make your contribution, you’ll get a receipt via Donorbox, which has instructions to log into your donor account and change anything you need to. Of course, we would appreciate being updated, as well!

Q: The Paypal link took me to make a payment to Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal. Should I be concerned?
A: It’s all good: Aleph is our fiscal sponsor, ensuring all our transactions are tax-deductible and fully compliant with the law.

Any other questions not answered above? Please contact us at

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