Co-creator contribution

We're so glad you've decided to become an Asiyah co-creator! Your subscription is a vital part of sustaining our work. Co-creator financial contributions are based on two Torah concepts:

  • Hetzi shekel. When the Israelites stood up to be counted, they gave a hetzi/half-shekel portion. For our community, that's $10/month. This contribution symbolizes belonging and commitment to a community of equals, and it is intended to be an amount attainable for all.*

  • Nediv lev. The nediv-lev/gift of the heart (free-will) offering—which the Israelites gave when building the mishkan/portable Spirit access point—is our way of making the contribution equitable. Our suggestion is to base this on your yearly income (see examples below for guidance), with the understanding that every household situation is unique.

In the coming year, we're building toward an annual budget of $120,000—including a full-time rabbi; a rabbinic intern; part-time program manager; musicians; guest teachers; space rental; communal meals; and other program and administrative expenses. With 150 member households, this would amount to a per-household cost of $800 annually, or $67/month. While we hope you’ll keep these actual costs in mind as you consider this very personal decision, all we ask is that you give a gift that feels both meaningful and manageable. And please know that you are a valued co-creator, whatever you contribute.

* If your financial circumstance makes this beyond your reach, please be in touch with us. Belonging is not contingent on wealth.

To help you think about what that meaningful, manageable amount might be, you might consider a sliding scale between 0.25% and 1.5% of yearly gross income; below are some examples. Income is but one measure of financial capacity, however, and only you know the level that's right for you.

Co-creator contribution table.jpg

 Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.