Whether you’re ready to build community, or just checking things out, or want to support us from afar—we’ve got you covered.


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Asiyah means “making” or “doing,” and we call the members of our intentional community co-creators. Together, we’re creating the community we want to belong to. A community of diverse ages, identities, and backgrounds, where we can support and inspire each other in our personal spiritual journeys and in building the world we dream of living in.

Co-creators build our community by sharing

  • their time—by showing up regularly

  • their vision and talents—by joining one of our leadership circles and/or taking on a specific volunteer role

  • their financial resources—in an equitable way

A co-creator’s financial contribution is based on two Torah concepts: (1) the hetzi/half-shekel portion—a small set amount that each person pays and that symbolizes belonging and commitment to the community; and (2) the nediv-lev/gift of the heart (free-will) offering—a contribution that varies from person to person, depending on their resources. For our community, the half-shekel portion is $10 a month, and each co-creator offers an additional gift of their own choosing, using their yearly income as a guide.

As a co-creator, you’ll get the warm, fuzzy benefit of having a spiritual home—a place to experience belonging and make meaning within a caring, welcoming community. You’ll help to lead and make decisions about the community and to envision and guide programming. And, together with all our co-creators, you’ll be a part of a support network to sustain each other in our deepest needs and our highest aspirations. (Plus all the usual stuff like tickets to High Holidays services, special rates for events, and discounted lifecycle facilitation and spiritual direction with Rabbi David.)

Now is a special moment. By becoming a co-creator, you’ll be on the ground floor of building our community, helping define our core values, and envisioning our future. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.


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Not sure about being a co-creator? No worries—everyone is welcome to our Shabbat and holiday services, meditation and Rosh Chodesh groups, our learning events, and other regular gatherings. Come to some events, talk to folks, and see what we’re all about. (And sign up for our newsletter—it’s the best way to keep tabs on what we’re up to!)

And any participant can get more involved by helping out at an event or taking on a volunteer role—a great way to help figure out if co-creatorship is right for you. Let us know if you’re interested in volunteering.


Love what we’re doing but can’t be a regular, active part of it? Asiyah relies on the generosity of folks who believe in our vision. Right now, as we’re laying the foundation for our community, we especially invite those who have the capacity to offer a seed gift of $10,080, $5,400, $3,600, or $1,800, and who might also consider making a multiyear commitment. And we, of course, welcome tax-deductible donations of any amount!