Asiyah’s mission is to establish a spiritual home for Jewish seekers and fellow travellers in the Somerville/Cambridge area of Massachusetts through an engaged, open, and inclusive community of Jewish practice and experimentation, in the lineage of Jewish Renewal, that supports personal growth and transformation while living the change we want to be in the world.

We do this through musical, soulful prayer services that cultivate a sense of aliveness; through practices like meditation and spiritual direction groups, which help us attune to our sacred selves; through engaging with wisdom teachings that awaken the spirit; and through our co-creative ethos, which empowers individual voices and ideas to serve and grow our community.

For a deep-dive breakdown of our mission statement, check out this blog post.


We envision a new model of spiritual connection: a thriving community with a café as its home. In this comfortable and familiar space, prayer, song, study, silence, art and culture, and deep inquiry coexist—creating a diversity of on-ramps for rich spiritual engagement that meet people where they are while presenting new opportunities to learn and grow.

We recognize that, as humans, we are inescapably in this world of asiyah, of action. Often, we struggle to hold the polarity of being both called to action—to live lives that serve this active world—and overwhelmed by our nonstop doing. Asiyah aspires to be a container that holds both: supporting us as we live lives of meaningful action, and providing a refuge from the busy-ness that threatens to burn us out.

Undergirding all this is Asiyah’s Torah-informed vision of a world where love and generosity form the bottom line of every level of human interaction—from the interpersonal to the intraplanetary—and are reflected in our institutions. The Asiyah community strives to be a garin/seed of this vision in our local community, and the Asiyah café a model of such an institution.