Our inaugural Village Gathering

Village picture.jpg

If you've been to any of our Shabbat services or had a one-on-one visit with Rabbi David, you've probably heard us talk about how co-creativity and collaboration are foundational to growing the Asiyah community. And you might have thought, "That sounds great, but how does this co-creativity thing actually play out in real life?"

As a first step, we're bringing our growing village together to start a conversation about what "community" means to each of us, what we look for in community, and what makes a community great. It's your first real chance to make your voice heard and help shape the path of Asiyah, all while getting to know other fabulous people.

We will be using a World Cafe model to jump into the business of co-creation and mutually supported visioning. It'll be fun! There will be food!

When is this happening? Sunday, May 13, 2p.m to 4p.m. Registration is now open.

We have formed a Villaging Committee to plan the gathering and take its work in community formation forward. If you are interested in joining us for a discrete or ongoing role on this committee, you are so warmly welcome to do so!