Passover resources

Are you ready for your journey into the desert?  Photo by  Jeremy Bishop  on  Unsplash

Are you ready for your journey into the desert?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Still scrambling to figure out your seder? Want a different way to count the omer? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few cool resources we’ve collected this year:


Unsure what you’re going to use for a haggadah? Maxwell House not doing it for you, even if it’s the Mrs. Maisel edition? Here are a few last-minute ideas:

  1. If money is not a barrier, it’s not too late to order a pile of these family- and guest-friendly haggadahs. There’s even a leader edition.

  2. A classic lower-cost version is the Velveteen Rabbi’s haggadah. R’Rachel is a longtime blogger, working poet and friend, and I highly recommend this. Also available as a projectable slideshow.

  3. Also in the free and downloadable category is HIAS’ timely refugee-themed haggadah.

  4. If you have time to kill between now and Friday night, why not make your own?

Supplements, etc.

  1. If diving into text with your guests is your jam, check out Hadar’s awesome collection of seder enrichment materials.

  2. Sustainability, anyone? Look no further than our partner Hazon’s great sustainability offerings.

  3. If you’re navigating the Easter/Pesach thing, don’t miss Interfaith Family’s solid article.


The most important part: food. Here is Amberly’s Passover Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Counting the Omer

If you’ve never counted the omer, might I suggest you give it a try? This pretty cool spiritual practice can open you up to different dimensions of your personality and/or Divine relationship. There are a lot of omer counters out there, but this year, I’m really excited to count with Malkhut, our sibling community in Queens, NY, who are doing an omer meditation challenge. They don’t have a landing page for this, so here’s what they wrote in a recent email:

By living with the qualities of the sefirot and intentionally cultivating them, we can open our own hearts, preparing ourselves to receive revelation and wisdom. In fact, in the mind of the mystics, when we are able to live out these qualities in our own lives, these aspects of Divinity are actually manifesting - are being revealed - in the world.

This year, our very own Emily Herzlin, a Malkhut leader and an experienced teacher of mindfulness meditation, is offering us a weekly resource to guide us on the journey of this Omer period. Here is Emily's bio.

When you sign up, you will receive:

• A weekly email sent after Havdalah (the close of Shabbat) with a teaching on the sefirah (divine quality) for the week; a guided meditation cultivating this quality; daily life practice suggestions; and musical and literary inspiration.

• A Facebook discussion page to share your experiences with the community.

In order to participate:

• You don’t need to have any prior experience with meditation or with counting the Omer to participate.

• You don’t need to be Jewish to participate.

• Try to set aside 5-10 minutes each day for the meditations. If you don’t get to the practices every day, that’s okay. You can always start again the next day.
Sign up here

If you do chose to join the journey with our friends at Malkhut, please consider making a donation.

I hope this was a helpful collection! Please be in touch if you need anything, and have a sweet, liberatory Pesach!