Are you ready to opt in?

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We are so delighted to announce that, starting today, you can formally opt into the Asiyah community—by joining us as a co-creator.

Since our first village gathering in spring 2018, we've been having conversations about what community means and what it means to belong. We've had the post-it recaps from this winter's gathering up on our dining room wall for months, and they continue to inspire us every day.

The Asiyah Cultivation Crew (ACC for short), the group of dedicated volunteers who've been advising us these many months, has been helping us envision how to put into practice this key value of co-creation, which we talk about so frequently but until now haven't been able to fully live into. But now we're ready. And this is big.

So what does being a co-creator mean?

Co-creators will help further shape the vision and values we've begun to express over the first 18 months of Asiyah's existence. Together, we’ll create the community we want to belong to by making commitments of our:

  • time—by showing up regularly

  • vision and talents—by joining one of our leadership circles and/or taking on a specific volunteer role

  • financial resources—in an equitable manner

As a co-creator, you’ll get the warm, fuzzy benefit of having a spiritual home—a place to experience belonging and make meaning within a caring, welcoming community. You’ll help to lead and make decisions about the community and to envision and guide programming. And, together, we'll form a support network to sustain each other in our deepest needs and our highest aspirations. (Plus all the usual stuff like tickets to High Holidays services, special rates for events, and discounted lifecycle facilitation and spiritual direction with Rabbi David.)

Are you ready to co-create?

You can learn more about co-creation here, and please email us if you have questions.

We look forward to co-creating the future of Asiyah with you. And if co-creatorship's not right for you at this time, don't worry: you will always be as welcome as you ever were!