Elul resources to kick off your High Holy Days prep


Elul is nearly upon us!

This time is traditionally associated with the phrase haMelech basadeh/the King is in the field. In the metaphor where God is Ruler—seated on a throne—this is an unusual place for God to be: in the field, accessible, nonhierarchical. To those of us for whom that metaphor doesn’t work, maybe one of Krista Tippett’s favorite phrases, the Celtic image of a “thin veil” between our world and the Mysteries of Divinity, is more evocative.

Elul is a time when we have the opportunity to touch into that deepest part of ourselves and do a chesbon hanefesh/spiritual self-reckoning. A spiritually connected experience of the High Holy Days depends on some of this heavy soul-lifting during Elul. Here are some resources to help you in this journey: