Secret task (shh...)

A year ago this Shabbat, Asiyah met for our very first service. It was Shabbat Shekalim, the first of four special shabbatot before Passover, dedicated to being counted for service. Every person, rich or poor, was asked to step up and be counted in community—and build a foundation for the Temple—by giving a half shekel. 

Today, we're asking a similar question: Are you in for creating spiritual common cause? Can we count on you to help build our joyful, meditative, soulful Jewish community, and the space–a wisdom café–to house us? We’re launching our first crowdfunding campaign. But here’s the secret: don’t share it yet! 

A good crowdfunder, especially one as ambitious as ours, relies on a quiet phase, where individuals add their donations and sit tight. I’ll be reaching out to everyone I know and telling them the same thing. The idea is that we need to build numbers of donations—regardless of dollar amount—so that when we launch it on social media, there’s a feeling of momentum that will bring in those who don’t deeply know Asiyah–or us–already.

So, bring it on! Can we count on you for $5? Go to

When it’s time to go “live,” we’ll give you the go-ahead! Meanwhile, keep it under your (head-covering of choice).

Thanks so much,

David, Amberly, and